Reclaiming fitness is not only about fat loss; it’s about developing self-control, strength and stamina!

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Simple Greek Yogurt Blueberry Frozen Pie

I was asked to bring dessert to a July 4th picnic.  I have cut down my dessert intake but reclaiming fitness is about balance and enjoying good foods. Reclaiming your fitness does not mean being restrictive but finding healthier alternatives.

So I made up my own recipe. You can add any fruit to your pie.

2- 6 oz ready to eat graham cracker pie crusts

1 cup blueberry greek yogurt (I used Stonyfield organic greek yogurt)

1 cup plain greek yogurt

1- 8 oz sugar free Cool Whip or whip 8 ounces of heavy whipping cream

1 cup blueberries and/or strawberries.

Mix yogurt and whipped cream together.  Add berries.  Pour into pre-made graham cracker crusts.  Freeze for 4 hours or more.

Note:  I did not add any additional sweeteners even though you could use agave or stevia.  There is sugar in the graham cracker crust and in the yogurts.  You can add natural sweeteners but the berries add enough sweetener for me.

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  • 4th July
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4th of July party with friends…asked to bring dessert. Ok now what do I do? I create my own greek yogurt blueberry/strawberry frozen pie. We will see how it tastes since I purposely limit my sugar due to diabetes running in my family.
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